Reborn dolls by Joanna Kazmierczak

Reborn dolls are hand crafted, customized silicon baby dolls, artistically enhanced to look as realistic as possible. They can be cheap to very expensive, and prices range from 700 USD to several thousands.

Creating these lifelike baby dolls is called the process of reborning.

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Art comes in many forms 💜Sculpting with passion! Original doll artist!

How to reborn a doll

Reborning has evolved significantly over the past years. Artists from famous nurseries have refined their painting methods, and added lots of technical features. For example a simulator that simulates the heartbeat.

The last years, special reborn kits are for sale, and battery powered extras are seen such a mechanism to simulate the movements of breathing of a sleeping baby.

Just like human babies, these dolls come in every conceivable shape size and color. Nowadays there are Caucasian, Asian and African American reborn dolls.

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My daughter has been collecting realistic dolls every birthday and Christmas. This is an absolutely amazing doll. The details are phenomenal, even the pictures do not do justice to the details. Laurence was polite and professional throughout with all of my questions too. Amazing seller!!!
Timothy Vargason
I purchased this baby for my daughter! She is only two but is obsessed with baby dolls. She is so gentle with “Anna” I couldn’t believe the attention to detail! It’s crazy how many people think it’s a real baby when we are in public. The price was very reasonable. 100% satisfied!
sierra Williamson
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