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Joanna Reborn

Reborn dolls are hand crafted, customized silicon baby dolls, artistically enhanced to look as realistic as possible. They can be cheap to very expensive, and prices range from 700 USD to several thousands.

Creating these lifelike baby dolls is called the process of reborning.

How to reborn a doll

Reborning has evolved significantly over the past years. Artists from famous nurseries have refined their painting methods, and added lots of technical features. For example a simulator that simulates the heartbeat.

The last years, special reborn kits are for sale, and battery powered extras are seen such a mechanism to simulate the movements of breathing of a sleeping baby.

Just like human babies, these dolls come in every conceivable shape size and color. Nowadays there are Caucasian, Asian and African American reborn dolls.

Art of Reborning

The process of reborning’ a normal vinyl doll usually involves these steps:

  • You have to take the vinyl doll apart & remove the paint.
  • Realistic baby skin tones are created by applying a color wash to the inside parts of the doll.
Joanna Kazmierczak-Pietka
  • Various techniques are used to paint the exterior, to add transparant skin tones & effects: “milk-spots”, veins & blotching to resemble the skin of a real human baby.
  • With rooting tools and felting needles you can apply eyelashes and hair which are usually made of the finest mohair.
  • A weighted body replaces the original vinyl body.
  • Once finished, the doll is no longer a toy
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