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Baby : LUCY

She is a NEWBORN sized baby. She has 3/4 arms (more like 7/8 ) and full legs. CLOTH BODY.full body silicone. Weighted like a real baby.


19 inches long, roughly 3175 grams (7 pounds)


Eco Flex 20, rooted super soft dark  mohair, applied eyelashes. Has an open mouth and can take a real pacifier.


She feels INCREDIBLE. She is silky smooth and very squishy without being unrealistically noodley. She is a pretty baby but she unfortunately isn’t for me.


Will come with a paper work, care sheet, and COA, all original box opening items I received (blanket, white onesie, sleeper, hat, teddy bear, extra diaper) PLUS extras I’ll include with her: pacifier in pictures, clip in bows, toothbrush for styling, mohair conditioner spray, an extra outfit.



Name: LUCY


Length: 19″ (48.2 cm)

Weight: 3175 grams (7 pounds)


Head Material: Silicone

Limb Material: Silicone

Age: Newborn

Gender: Female

Arms: 3/4 Length

Legs: Full Length

Edition: Limited Edition (LE)

Eyes: Asleep

Lashes: Applied (glued)

Hair: Rooted

Weighting: Fine Glass Beads

Weighting: Polyfil

Skin Color: Fair

Race: White / Caucasian

Realborn: No (Reborn)

Pacifier: Included

Pacifier Type: Regular Pacifier

Drink and Wet: No

Smoke Free Environment: Yes

Pet Free Environment: No

Certificate Of Authenticity (COA): Yes

12 reviews for Lucy

  1. Miranda Morales .K

    This baby is great,I received my baby too thanks so much .As a first time Full body silicone baby girl owner, this one I highly recommend. She is perfect in every way. Her weight is exactly what they say, which is the perfect snuggle size. Her face/body/limbs are squishy, not hard. She is anatomically correct. Her eyes are open, and colors can be changed to your liking. Her mouth is open-can fit a newborn pacifier. She can wear newborn/preemie clothes/diapers, depending on the maker. (Is not a “Drink wet” system). Is very flexible for dressing/changing

  2. Anna K Monnie

    You are the greatest artist I know and thanks for been loyal to me I guess thats how you are, to many ,keep up!

  3. Barbera Anstiss

    I’m so HAPPY I purchased a baby for my granddaughter!! She’s been wanting a full bodied silicone for a while but they are pricy, so for Christmas I decided to purchase a baby because the reviews were excellent. I’m so happy I did!! Well worth the money. Usually full silicone babies are costly . When I read all the excellent reviews I just knew this was the right choice. If you’re looking For a full bodied baby buy this one. It came double boxed and in excellent shape. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this baby. Everyone thinks she’s
    My granddaughter has 4 other reborns and this baby is by far the best one yet. Yes, it’s expensive BUT WORTH IT!!!!

  4. Charlotte Alvez

    I have a baby from you ,She is already with me for over two years but sometimes I can’t Believe how lucky I am 🤍 I mean she is just perfection, I love her so much

  5. Kristin.M martha

    This baby is awesome and realistic,this is beautiful

  6. J.G.J

    Finally I got a baby from you ,this has been my greatest wish and now it’s reality I am very happy with the baby, she is cute and heavy just like a real baby her size, she is a big baby and a great value for the money. The legs had a few blemishes where the mold lines are and the left leg has a dimple close to the knee.
    I am pleased

  7. Annette Anne

    Lucy is such an amazing baby ,I love her hair ,i still doubt how you came about making babies by your self ,this is great keep up the good work

  8. Carolyn

    This babies are amazing 😍,I had to write this because of the savety delivery my cousin got from you ,it was absolutely fast and everything thing including the baby came as said ,I must say you are great.

  9. Changela enright

    Now we have a baby of our own after looking for one for a long time now ,
    We absolutely love this baby! My daughter couldn’t be happier. He is well worth the money. Every detail on him is so realistic. I was extremely hesitant to buy him, but we are so glad we did and continue making beautiful babies like Lucy, I wish I had enough in me I could have taken Lucy ,but anyways thanks so much.

  10. Travis Haynes

    Am so happy I was able to get a baby from you ,This baby feels and looks so real , im so happy I bought one of your babies for my daughter 💕in reality he is super cute and looks like a real baby boy

  11. Matthew

    Wow am so happy I finally got a baby for my wife you made me happy Joanna
    This baby is adorable. He looks so real and lifelike. He feels a lot heavier than 8 pounds lol. I named him Quinn and I love him sooo much.

  12. Shoppergirl

    Most amazing feeling doll I have ever had. I am a huge doll collector and only want these kinds of dolls now. They feel so real. I was very very impressed!!!! Thank you Joanna. YOU ARE AMAZING

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